Horse Syndicate Opportunity -
Hidden Princess

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to own a share in a race horse? 
WTRNT are offering shares in Hidden Princess, a gorgeous 3yo chestnut filly by Pride of Dubai. This stunning horse is primarily located in Alice Springs, and is under the care of Barry Cooke of CB Racing.
WTRNT have picked up 15% of Hidden Princess, and a total of 40 shares will be offered for syndication at a cost of $120 each. This fee is expected to cover the initial purchase, syndicate registration fees, TROBIS nomination, and approximately 8 months worth of training fees. There is no insurance included in these costs, and our share will not be insured by WTRNT.
Syndicate horses are an exclusive benefit only available to members, so if you aren’t yet a member but would like to join up, completing your membership is simple.
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